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  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
  • 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame
Description of 3Q Bá Vương - SohaGame

3Q Ba Kingdom

Three Kingdoms - Meet Is Phang, Ngang La Burial!

3Q Ba Vuong is the latest general card strategy game released by SohaGame exclusively. The game brings an extreme appearance "hegemony" of the Three Kingdoms generals that no one has ever seen. Not only that, with a rich character system, countless explosive skill effects, 3Q Ba Vuong promises to bring the most "brain-pounding" tactical experience!

Hegemony Change
In 3Q Ba Vuong, at first "innocent", later "serious", 2 separate styles for each general guaranteed to make you laugh cow. For the first time, with just a few clicks, the change of generals changes always, from youthful naughty to marshal battlefield, nearly narrowly.

Hegemony tactics
For each champion in the game, there will be up to 4 additional skills for Rage skill, accompanied by many unique and toxic effects. This is a factor that is very interested in tactical players, bringing many unique and strange team designs possible. Although the same 5 generals, but with different methods of use can still create countless new meta, "balance" opponents.

Hegemony Boss
All items after defeating the Boss will be transferred directly to the Auction interface, allowing all members of the guild to own the rare equipment, even the extremely terrible hero piece. ”. The mechanism of 3Q Ba Vuong helps the "plowing people" gain more acting land, becoming a direct counterweight to the "rich" class. Getting rich is not difficult, need brothers!

With the Three Kingdoms Unrivaled activities, competing to divide the table, not only fighting with the players in the same server, at 3Q Ba Vuong you also have the opportunity to show your troops with many players from rival servers. Mechanism of action will take place in the knockout, only 16 strongest players, the smartest to reach the final round to find the champion.

Giving gifts for
Vip Gift, gifts, generals ... Right from the start, 3Q Ba Vuong will give each newcomer the most precious gift packages as luggage to start the discovery process. With a countless number of gifts, every player has the same starting point, the race to win the top of the rankings will be really fierce and thrilling.

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